We offer a spectrum of chemicals which can be customized as per customer specifications.
Deepak Nitrite is a multiple-products, multiple-solutions company. Our portfolio is a wide spectrum of products with diverse applications ranging from Agrochemicals, Rubber, Pharmaceuticals, Paper, Textile, Detergent, Colourants, Petrochemicals to Speciality and Fine Chemicals. We also specialise in customized intermediaries to suit specific client needs.
Optical Brightning Agents
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DeepWhite 4BB Conc
DeepWhite 4BB Powder
DeepWhite 2B Conc
DeepWhite 2B Powder
DeepWhite 2BA Powder
DeepWhite 2B HC
DeepWhite ABP Liquid
DeepWhite ABP Powder
DeepWhite ABP-X Powder
DeepWhite AS Liquid
DeepWhite BA 267%
DeepWhite BA Liquid
DeepWhite BAM 350%
DeepWhite BFA Liquid
DeepWhite BBU
DeepWhite BHT 115% Liquid
DeepWhite BHT 180%
DeepWhite BHT HC Liquid
DeepWhite BHT HC Liquid - A
DeepWhite BHT HST Conc Powder
DeepWhite BMK Powder
DeepWhite BSU Liquid
DeepWhite BSU-U Liquid
DeepWhite DMA-X Conc
DeepWhite DMA-X Powder
DeepWhite DSP Liquid
DeepWhite DWP Liquid
DeepWhite MST
DeepWhite MST Liquid
DeepWhite SFP Conc
DeepWhite SFP Liquid
DeepWhite SI A Liquid
DeepWhite SI Liquid
DeepWhite SRK Powder
DeepWhite TG Liquid
DeepWhite UBR Liquid
DeepWhite UP Conc Powder
DeepWhite UP Liquid
Quality is the key ingredient of all our products be it Bulk & Commodities, Fine & Speciality or Optical Brightening Agents.
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